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Chameleon Sauce is a creation of specialty ingredients and unique spice blends that can be used in virtually any recipe that calls for a tomato sauce.

Due to its unique blend of spices, Chameleon Sauce lives up to its name and blends beautifully into any recipe while allowing each dish to be distinctive.

On the site you'll find recipes, including a free collection of all the recipes available below, and an online sauce store to order our acclaimed sauce. But don't take our word for it—our customers spill out the accolades like so much sauce from a jar.

Chili Powder Should Not Be Used for Political Purposes!

Three Chameleon Chili sauces

More shocking details have come to light on last week’s chili powder fiasco at a Fed Ex facility in Memphis.

While the incident has been reported in the media as “accidental,” Chameleon Chili Sauce has heard rumors that a rebel gourmet group is claiming responsibility for the incident.

The official story is that a fork truck driver accidentally struck a 5 gallon jug of concentrated chili powder about 2;30 am on August 16th.  The powder was apparently awaiting further shipment to be made into pepper spray.  Just after the puncturing of the container,  one hundred and seventeen workers at the Fed Ex outdoor facility near the Memphis airport began to have breathing problems and two, a 53 year-old man and a woman in her 20s, were eventually sent to hospital with breathing difficulty. This catastrophic incident closed the facility until the air was clear enough again to resume activities.

However, the group “Inciendo Pacifica” or “Peaceful Fire” apparently issued a release shortly after the incident occurred that the breaching of the container was orchestrated by one of their operatives as a “show of force” that chili powder needs to be used for peaceful purposes such as cooking and in chili sauces and not as a weapon of mass destruction.  The group leader, Chile Grande, said that it meant no harm to workers but that there needed to be an example made to demonstrate the potential for destruction if chili powder falls into the hands of villains and usurpers!

“We want to cook,” he said, “not make war.”

Chameleon Chili Sauce believes in the responsible use of chili powder and decries its abuse and use for political purposes. We use it for the good of mankind to help individuals of all different levels of cooking abilities to create gourmet masterpieces. We want to see Chameleon Chili Sauce hamburgers, Chameleon Chili Sauce Cream Cheese Dip, Chameleon Chili Sauce Chick Pea Soup.  Who wouldn’t?

Get your Chameleon Chili Sauce today and participate in our peaceful protest!

Oh, yeah, this is a satire, by the way.

Spice Up Your Love Life: Eat More Chameleon Chili Sauce

Chameleon Chili Sauce

You give us love. Now let’s give you some in return. Did you know that chili peppers – and the foods made from them, including our delicious Chameleon chili sauce – are known aphrodisiacs?

For centuries, people have used these powerful little vegetables to bring on the heat in their love lives. Legend has it that the great Aztec warrior king Montezuma made sure to consume drinks made of chilis and chocolate – another known aphrodisiac – in preparation for the daily rendezvous he had with his beautiful concubines.

What chilis do is increase heart and pulse rate. In fact, their effect on the cardiovascular system is so intense that they have actually been used in some cases as antidotes for heart attacks!

Eating chilis (and foods made with them) can also make lips swell into a delectably kissable pout. They can even cause a physiological reaction that mimics the appearance of a sexual flush. All of these visual cues are enough to put many people in the mood.

Sound good so far? We thought so. Now here’s something even better.

Chameleon original and red pepper lime chili sauces are guaranteed to bring out the fire in your food. But if you’re looking for something smokier and more subtly seductive, try our chipotle flavor.

You can’t go wrong with Chameleon. Our sauces are so good they’re downright sexy!


If You’re Good, You’ll Get Some Tamale Pie!

Chameleon Chili Sauces

The things you can do with Chameleon Chili Sauce… how about a nice lunch treat or dinner! Easy to make and easy to bake Chameleon Chili Sauce Tamale Pie. We just put the recipe for this wonderful, toothsome delicacy online for all you Chameleon Chili Sauce lovers to try. Now you realize you only have […]

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Come to the Tulsa Whole Foods on May 25th to see Chameleon in Action

Set of 4 jalapeno peppers

On Saturday, May 25th, the Tulsa Whole Foods Market is having a Memorial Day weekend exhibition of local products. Again Chameleon Chili Sauce will be featured. Back in April at the Spring Fling for local producers at WFM, we a great turnout and 90%-95% of the people really liked our sauces and bought them on […]

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